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Established in 1991

Recent Successes

Since 2012, recent successes have been published on our blogs at:

HamiltonLit Another Fire in 2010 - Read about our successes here.
 HamiltonLit a Fire in 2009 - Read about our successes here.

Summer 2012

I dramaturged Lisa Beth Allen's SOLOMON'S BLADE and Paullette MacDougal's SISTERS UNDER THE SKIN. I continued working with these two playwrights after giving them dramaturgical feedback for their staged readings at the Great Plains Theatre Festival.

I wrote the 10-minute play WHO'S ANDY WARHOL about a medical emergency which redefines the relationship between two lovers.

I hired Helaine to build a website for Hamilton Dramaturgy's TheatreNow! which will give each guest her own page, and make it even easier to download the transcripts and podcasts of the interviews. Helaine is an Archivist who recently completed migrating Jill Dolan's award-winning blog THE FEMINIST SPECTATOR to a new website.

I interviewed the marvelous Margo Jefferson for TheatreNow!'s Season 3, Episode 3. We spoke about: the The New York Times cultural criticism which won her the Pulitzer Prize, how she carves out writing time for herself, and details about the new memoir that she is currently

I published Hamilton Dramaturgy's ScriptForward! #26. Margaret Rose contributed a guest article on new play development in Italy.

I published the article, "Choosing to Say Goodbye" on the Open to Hope website.

I published the article, "Theatre Women's Advocacy Groups" in my Page & Stage column in the Bucks County Women's Journal.

Spring/ Summer 2012


  I served as a dramaturg at the Great Plains Theatre Conference in Omaha, Nebraska, where I worked on 12 new scripts.

I taught a playwriting class for 8-12 year olds for the New Hope/Solebury branch of the Bucks County Public Library.

I dramaturged a new cabaret show by Broadway veteran George Marcy (the original Bernardo in
). It is based on his life as a triple threat. WITH LOVE, THE LAST OF THE SONG AND DANCE MEN will be directed by Carol Lawrence (the original Maria in WEST SIDE STORY) and will play at Don’t Tell Mama in Manhattan in September. This is my third collaboration with George.

I dramaturged a new musical about a young adopted woman who crosses continents to find her past.

I am dramaturging a new novel by my long-time client Tom Cavanaugh.

I providied self-publishing consulting to a client who has written a book on horseracing and popular psychology.

I am preparing to participate in the Hell House Panel at the ATHE conference in August.

On September 10th, I will read my poetry at the Cherry Lane Theatre in New York City. The event is an official offering of the League of Professional Theatre Women’s “30 Plays in 30 Years” celebration, and will be curated by Harriet Slaughter. I will join Harriet, Dael Orlandersmith and Mira Spektor on stage as we all read from our new work.

Winter 2011/Spring 2012


I wrote a new monologue called BULLSEYE about an archer who translates emotional trauma into a skill for hitting the mark.


I dramaturged several new works, including: Tom Cavanaugh’s drama ADAM & YOSHI, which was given a reading at Play Club West in Los Angeles; a musical set in St. Louis during the Civil War; a stage treatment about a major American stage and screen star; a film treatment about a young woman’s journey through her husband’s illness and death; and Bob Gale’s A LITTLE BOOK OF MIRACLES, a non-fiction work which landed him a literary agent within weeks of finishing our work together.

 Anne on the Web

Continuing Season Two of TheatreNow!, I posted interview transcripts and podcasts with playwright Laura Maria Censabella, Filmmaker and Educator Fran Tarr, and Lighting Designer Jennifer Tipton. All of the podcasts are available on my new blog at http://theatrenow.wordpress.com.


In my Bucks County Women's Journal column, I published a profile of playwright Kathy Anderson, who lives and writes in Philadelphia. 


Welcome to Walter Byongsok Chon, the new Program Assistant for TheatreNow! He is a graduate student at Yale School of Drama, where he is earning a Doctor of Fine Arts degree. He attended TN! interviews with Paule Constable, Jennifer Tipton, and Kate Valk.

Autumn 2011

I am currently involved in many exciting projects, including:
Seeking production opportunities for Warren G. Bodow's THREE SHORT PLAYS ABOUT LOVE; rewriting my full-length play THE RAINBOW CLOUD; reading scripts for the Great Plains Theatre Conference; seeking an option to write an adaptation of a popular memoir; finishing up Season Two of TheatreNow! by completing interviews and podcasts of guests Paule Constable, Jennier Tipton and Fran Tarr; dramaturging new scripts by Tom Cavanaugh; reviewing productions at Gettysburg College; and completing my series of children's stories entitled VIOLET VIEW.

I published ScriptForward!, a special issue of my e-newsletter for professional scriptwriters.

Spring/Summer 2011


 I have written several short plays and monologues for my 2011 anthology, including FUSE, THE FAMILY BUSINESS, REGROWING, OFEM, and SPA DAY. They are joined by several poems and children's stories.


I dramaturged several new works, including: Warren G. Bodow's HARRY THE HUNK ON HIS WAY OUT, George Marcy's new cabaret act LEGEND OF A SONG AND DANCE MAN, Tom Cavanaugh's LOUIE LOU AND TITO and SEMPER FI, Andrew Barrett and Ira Antelis' musical FROM TIME TO TIMBUKTU, Graciela Berger Wegsman's THE DREAM OF CLAUDIA JADE, and Walter Byongsok Chon's English translation of  SERPENT AT MY THIGH by the Korean playwright Kwang-Hwa Cho. I also consulted on: a career development non-fiction book by a prominent New York City arts administrator; and plays by a physician and an attorney seeking to share insights about the realities of working in their respective professions. I posted the short article, "Dramaturgical Change in the Past Twenty Years" on my blog at

Anne on the Web

Continuing Season Two of TheatreNow!, I posted a podcast with playwright Laura Maria Censabella, and an interview with Paule Constable, who won a 2011 Tony (R) Award for Best Lighting Design for a Play for WAR HORSE. The Constable podcast is in post-production.
Our next guests include lighting designer and MacArthur Fellow Jennifer Tipton, and playwright and educator Fran Tarr. All of the podcasts are available on my new blog at http://theatrenow.wordpress.com.


Hamilton Dramaturgy Press has published Warren G. Bodow's THREE SHORT PLAYS ABOUT LOVE. The playwright conceived the trio for theatre companies wishing to determine a timely way to cultivate audiences and donors with a mid-winter evening of theatre, food and drink and have everybody home by nine o’clock.
In addition, I had the honor of interviewing the legendary Living Theatre Co-Founder Judith Malina for an article to be published in WOMEN IN THEATRE magazine this December. She was joined in the interview by Kamilah Forbes and Maria Striar. The women discussed the rewards and challenges of serving as Artistic Directors of New York City theatres.
In my Bucks County Women's Journal column, I published the articles, "Cultivating Self-Expression", "Playwriting: A Vibrant Profession" and "The Rewards of Living An Artistic Life".


Welcome to Cate Cammarata, the new Program Assistant for
I will use Cate's research on universities with Theatre and Women's Studies departments to try and gain a wider audience for the podcast. She is a second year M.F.A. candidate at SUNY-Stony Brook. Welcome, Cate.

Autumn 2010/Winter 2011

Announcing Two New Anthologies


Hamilton Dramaturgy Press has published two anthologies of plays and poetry. ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT And Other Plays and Poetry is a collection written in 2009. THE STACY PLAY - A LOVE SONG - VOLUME I was written in 2010. I had written such a large number of plays, short plays, monologues, clown plays and poetry, that I decided to publish it as a celebration of my twentieth year working as a dramaturg. The anthologies are available through www.lulu.com as paperbacks and Ebooks. I plan to publish one volume of my writing each year as a record of my literary muse.

I wrote almost twenty short plays and monologues in the last half of 2010, featuring such characters as a 9-point buck (HEARTSHOT), an aid worker in Darfur (THE ONE), an animal shelter worker with a very long last name (THE HYPHENATA), and a transgendering youth who insists on creating his own identity (PRONOUNS). I also wrote five plays for clowns, four of them starring females.

My writing for 2011 includes THE RAINBOW CLOUD, a full-length expansion of my 10-minute play THE DELIVERY. It features Cassie Bernhardt, a young girl determined to attend Barnard on early decision. When she gets there, all hell breaks loose as she breaks all the rules, rooming with her pet mini pig in the dorms. THE SHOEBOX is a comedic tragedy about memories of a high school fundraising drive.

FROM POINT A TO POINT B was read by Ephraim Lopez at the NO PASSPORT/Hibernating Rattlesnakes/INTAR event in NYC on December 13th.

THE STACY PLAY was developed at Julia's Reading Room at the home of Julia Miles on December 14th. I directed the reading and read the role of Stacy. Christopher Gliege read the role of Jonathan and Haley Ward read the stage directions. The event was sponsored by the League of Professional Theatre Women.

My poem, "The People's Poet" was read at the January NO PASSPORT/INTAR event in NYC.


Warren Bodow's five-character drama FRONTING THE ORDER, which I dramaturged through a private reading, and a public reading at the Abingdon Theatre in Manhattan, enjoyed a three weekend run in a full production at the Beowulf Alley Theatre in Tucson, Arizona from April 8-24th. Tagline: Do you have to lie to make an honest buck? Bravo, Warren!

On March 13th, Henry Feldman's SHELTER IN PLACE was given a rehearsed reading at the Country Playhouse in Houston, Texas. Description: It’s hurricane season at the Pelican Bay Bed & Breakfast: Outside nature’s Category 3 storm is approaching, and inside a storm of family chaos builds to Category 5 proportions. I dramaturged the comedy in its early stages. Congratulations, Henry!

I advised an internationally-known playwright on her application to a leading residency program in Europe this winter. Although she did not receive the fellowship, together we created materials which she will be able to use to apply for other residencies and grants while trying to get support for a new epic play she is writing.

Anne on the Air

Season Two of Hamilton Dramaturgy's TheatreNow! has launched with an interview with Kamilah Forbes, the Artistic Director of the Hip Hop Theatre Festival. Kamilah speaks about her early artistic influences, her professional training, and her process curating the festival.

Anne on the Web

I had the privilege of appearing as a theatrical expert in association with another L.A. Theatre Works NPR broadcast. I spoke on the topic of "Dueling Families" in a web bonus segment which appeared online in December and January. It was in connection with the broadcast of THE LION IN WINTER, starring Kathleen Chalfant and Alfred Molina. I commented on family conflicts in HENRY IV - Parts I and II, MAJOR BARBARA, and CRIMES OF THE HEART.


The Open to Hope Foundation published my article, "Losing My Mentor - Remembering Romulus Linney" in late January. Romulus was a prominent American playwright and novelist who passed away in mid-January. He was my professor at Columbia School of the Arts. Although I have had many fine teachers throughout the years, I always say that Romulus taught me everything I know about dramaturgy because he taught me to respect the playwright and his or her words. I have reprinted the tribute as the feature article in ScriptForward! #24.

I published a profile of Philadelphia playwright, artist and musician Joy Cutler in the Bucks County Women's Journal. My latest article in the April/May issue describes the agenda for my scriptwriting workshop in Philadelphia.

Scriptwriting Workshop

On June 3-5th, I taught a playwrighting and screenwriting workshop to 25 aspiring scriptwriters at the Philadelphia Writer's Conference. Click here for workshop content and testimonials.

Welcome to New Staffers

We sadly have said goodbye to Linsey Bostwick, who served as Artistic Producing Associate at Hamilton Dramaturgy for two years. She has taken a full-time job with Pomegranate Arts in New York City. Congratulations, Linsey, and thank you for everything. You are irreplacable.

That said, we now welcome several new staffers to take Linsey's place. Otto Bost has become the Sound Designer for TheatreNow!, starting with Season Two. Geoffrey Nixon now designs ScriptForward! (starting with #22). Sean McCain serves as our Management Assistant, and Haley Ward as our Artistic Assistant, handling various tasks for the company.

Summer/Early Autumn 2010


My play THE DELIVERY appeared in the 2010 Emerging Female Voices Festival on October. This festival features 21 original works and is being produced by the Manhattan Shakespeare Project. The short comedy features a subway car, a maternity ward, and one determined little girl. Lori Wolter-Hudson directed.

I am a member of NO PASSPORT. I have read from my work in our monthly reading series featuring fine writers like Carida Svich, Midaglia Cruz, Alejandro Morales, and Randy Gener. On October 19th. NoPassport Theatre Alliance & Press and INTAR, in collaboration with the Nuyorican Poets Café, presented HIBERNATING RATTLESNAKES: DEMONIOS - An Evening of Demons, Chupacabras . . . and things that go HISS in the night. I will read my play THE BREAD OF FORGETFULNESS. Description: A bakery, a Memory Haunting and a writer’s imagination collide over a Pan De Muerto on the Day of the Dead. The event took place at 7pm at the Nuyorican Poets Café, 236. E. 3rd Street (Avenues B/C) in NYC (www.nuyorican. org).
On December 14th, I directed a reading of my play THE STACY PLAY – A LOVE SONG – VOLUME I at Julia’s Reading Room in NYC. Held at the home of legendary producer Julia Miles, JRR is a program of the League of Professional Theatre Women. Chris Gliege read the role of Jonathan and I read the role of Stacy. Haley Ward read the stage directions.

Writer’s Digest notified me that THE STACY PLAY - A LOVE POEM - VOLUME I  has placed in the top 100 entries in the Stage Play category of the 79th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition. The play  was listed in the December issue of the magazine.

Anne On the Air

On July 24th, I served as a guest commentator for the L.A. Theatreworks audio presentation of Lee Blessing’s GOING TO ST. IVES. The topic was Mothers and Sons in THE GLASS MENAGERIE, A WOMAN OF NO IMPORTANCE and ALL MY SONS. The segment was available as a web bonus as a companion piece to the broadcast of the play. L.A. Theatreworks has a large catalog of audio recordings of important plays performed by leading actors. Its website is a terrific resource at www.latw.org.

Season One of my audio podcast series TheatreNow!, an oral history of leading American female theatre artists is complete. You can find it at http://hamiltondramaturgy. wordpress.com . The inaugural segment features playwright and librettist Quiara Allegria Hudes, who wrote ELIOTT, A SOLDIER’S FUGUE, and the libretto for IN THE HEIGHTS (2008 Tony Award winner for Best Musical, and 2009 Pulitzer Prize for Drama nominee). Please listen to additional guests already online including: Ruth Margraff, Claire Lautier, Valentina Fratti, and Catherine Filloux, Yvette Heyliger and Yvonne Farrow. Yvette Heyliger speaks about her play WWJD?, which has won eight Audelco Awards. (www.twinbiz.com).


I am currently approaching theatres hoping to locate a producer for Warren Bodow’s drama FRONTING THE ORDER, which I also dramaturged. The five character ensemble piece explores the ethics and practicality of using deception to gain a short term profit, and we see a premonition of the conflicts of our 21st century information age. Please send all inquiries to me at: hamiltonlit@hotmail.com . Warren is the retired President of radio stations WQXR and WQEW and received great reviews from The New York Times for RACE MUSIC last year on Theatre Row. He presented a very well-received staged reading at the Abingdon Theatre on September 29th.

Tom Cavanaugh, a long-time client, was given a staged reading of his play BEHOLD at the Utah Shakespearean Festival this summer. The drama is about a family’s disintegration after its son/brother was killed in a Columbine-type school shooting. Its plot hinges upon the very topical subject of peer bullying and violence. The play was very well received. Please contact me at hamiltonlit@hotmail.com for a press packet and copy of the script.

Broadway legend George Marcy performed his musical play THE BALLAD OF GEORGIE PORGIE (co-written with Bob Goldstone, who also serves as Musical Director) on September 12th at Don’t Tell Mama in NYC. Here are his comments: “Anne Hamilton, with her insight, creativity and knowledge, is responsible for guiding THE BALLAD OF GEORGIE PORGIE to where it is today.” Bravo, George!

·        I still serve on the LPTW’s Mentoring Committee under Chairwoman Margery Klain. The committee is dedicated to providing mentoring opportunities to female theatre artists who are members of the League. Please see www.theatrewomen.org for an application.

Two plays which I dramaturged in the past appeared as readings in NYC this fall: Carrie Robbins’ THE DEATH & LIFE OF DR. CUTTER, and Cheryl L. Davis’ SWIMMING UPTOWN (at the Abingdon Theatre’s 2010-2011 Staged Reading Series).


The Bucks County Women’s Journal published my article, “Advocacy for Women Playwrights” in my Page & Stage column (October/November). In the July/August issue I completed my profile of Quiara Alegría Hudes, the Pulitzer Prize-nominated playwright.

The Open to Hope Foundation published four of my articles on Healing Through the Arts on its website www.opentohope.com. The series, entitled, "Maintaining Emotional Fluency Through Artistic Expression," revealed my healing journeys as a writer. “Writing Poetry Helps Thirty Years After Friend’s Death”, discusses how I discovered my internal soul-shift while writing the poem “Summer Storm”.

Public Workshops

I’ve been invited to teach a workshop of playwrighting and screenwriting at the Philadelphia Writer’s Conference next June. Please sign up at: http://www.pwcwriters.org/index.html

Summer 2010

L.A. Theatre Works rebroadcast GOING TO ST. IVES in its Radio Theatre Series on July 24th. Anne was featured as a guest commentator on the topic of Mothers and Sons in ST. IVES, OEDIPUS REX, THE GLASS MENAGERIE, and ALL MY SONS. The web bonus was available online at http://www.bigcontact.com/latw

7/24/2010: Going to St. Ives by Lee Blessing. Starring L. Scott Caldwell and Caroline Goodall.

The Open to Hope Foundation (www.opentohope.com) helps provide guidance and hope to those who have suffered losses, particularly the death of loved ones. Anne has a column on Healing Through the Arts and she has created a series of articles based on her own experience of processing grief through artistic expression. The series was featured as lead articles, and was published in July, starting with “Maintaining Emotional Fluency through Artistic Expression – Part II (Poetry)." You can access it directly here.


ANNE'S PLAYS AND POETRY Win Places in Pen and Brush's TRANSITIONS Exhibit

Anne's plays ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT, and THE STACY PLAY - A LOVE SONG - VOLUME I and her poem, "Gondolier" appeared online in the TRANSITIONS exhibit at www.penandbrush.org, one of the oldest and most prestigious women's arts collectives in the U.S. Anne expanded AND THEN I WENT INSIDE into THE STACY PLAY.

The exhibit was active from June 3rd through September 3rd. New Yorkers were able to visit the exhibit and read the plays weekdays at 16 East 10th Street in Manhattan.

TheatreNow! Podcast Series Featuring Important Contemporary Female Theatre Artists

Find interviews with:

Quiara Alegria Hudes

Claire Lautier

Ruth Margraff

Kristin Marting

Valentina Fratti

Catherine Filloux

Yvette Heyliger

Yvonne Farrow

Coming Soon: Lynn Nottage, Anne Kaufmann

I visited London in January on a League of Professional Theatre Women trip, meeting with UK theatre practitioners and seeing shows. I also spent two days in Oxford, visiting St. Catherine's College where I studied the philosophy of aesthetics as an undergraduate. I was honored to meet with Roger Ainsworth, Master of St. Catherine's, as well as some faculty members at New College. I also took the opportunity to introduce others to Noah Lukeman's THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH – PART TWO, THE SEED OF BANQUO.

Caridad Svich accepted me as a playwright member of NO PASSPORT, an unincorporated theatre alliance & press devoted to cross-cultural, Pan-American performance, theory, action, advocacy, and publication. In January I read my new short plays MARIA, THE DAY AFTER and THE LAST STONE – OR, THE ADULTERESS SPEAKS FOR HERSELF at the Hibernating Rattlesnakes event at the Nuyorican Poets Café (236 East 3rd St.) in New York City. On March 15th, I read from my full-length work THE STACY PLAY - A LOVE POEM. On April 25th I read a monologue from ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT, my Chamber Play with Dance, Video, Puppets and Original Music.

I have had the privilege of sending a stunning new play to all my contacts across the country and abroad. THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH – PART TWO, THE SEED OF BANQUO is a new blank verse drama by Noah Lukeman. It is bloody, fierce, and engaging. He directed a staged reading of the piece on April 22nd at the Cherry Lane Theatre, 38 Commerce Street, in NYC. Please see www.macbeth2.com  for more information. Noah is a best-selling author and one of the country’s leading literary agents. If you run a theatre and would like a copy of this play, please contact me at hamiltonlit@hotmail.com .

I serve on the Mentoring Committee of the League of Professional Theatre Women under Chairwoman Margery Klain. The committee is dedicated to providing mentoring opportunities to female theatre artists who are members of the League. Please see www.theatrewomen.org for an application.

Autumn 2009

The League of Professional Theatre Women presented my one-woman play AND THEN I WENT INSIDE starring Kathleen Chalfant (WIT, ANGELS IN AMERICA, DEAD MAN'S CELL PHONE) at 8pm on November 9th at the Cherry Lane Theatre in NYC. Miss Chalfant's performance was riveting and emotional.Thank you, Kathleen, for your marvelous performance and for being such a joy to work with.

  • I launched the audio podcast series TheatreNow!, an oral history of leading American female theatre artists. The inaugural segment features playwright and librettist Quiara Allegria Hudes, who wrote ELIOTT, A SOLDIER’S FUGUE, and the libretto for IN THE HEIGHTS (2008 Tony Award winner for Best Musical, and 2009 Pulitzer Prize for Drama nominee). Please listen to the podcast through the homepage of www.hamiltonlit.com. Upcoming podcasts will feature Actress Claire Lautier, Playwright/Musician/Librettist/Lyricist Ruth Margraff, and St. Ann’s Warehouse favorite Cynthia Hopkins.
  • I completed a terrific project at Muhlenberg College as the Dramaturg for the New Voices festival of new student plays which ran from  October 7th through 11th.  The American College Theatre Festival judges were quite impressed. I dramaturged three productions and three staged readings. Congratulations, students, and thank you to Samantha Sembler, who served as Apprentice Dramaturg.
  • Broadway Veteran George Marcy performed his one-man musical play in a cabaret at  November 6th and  12th at Don’t Tell Mama on 46th Street in Manhattan. George performed the role of Bernardo opposite Chita Rivera in the original WEST SIDE STORY, and I happily served as “Dramaturg to Mr. Marcy” during the development of this wonderful show. Miss Rivera and Miss Carol Lawrence (Broadway's original Anita and Maria) were in the audience on opening night. By George, what a wonderful show! Bob Goldstone served as co-writer and musical director. 
  • I have been giving ongoing dramaturgical advice to several new clients across the country on many new scripts this Fall. This month’s highlight: ARM CANDY by Barry Manheimer is a sexy noir murder mystery. 
  • My interview with Khenpo Ratsa Geshe Tenzin Dargye was published in October's WISDOM magazine and NATURAL AWAKENINGS magazine. Khenpo Dargye is a Tibetan Bon Buddhist monk who is the head of his order, who spoke about the necessity of kindness and compassion in everyday life. You may request a copy of the article through www.hamiltonlit.com/contactus 
  • WMNF in Tampa, Florida featured me in an interview on the topic of “Healing Through the Arts” on September 4th. The radio internet show aired on the program, “Art in Your Ear” with guest host Dewey Davis-Thompson. You may request an MP3 file of the interview through my website's contact us page.
  • The Abingdon Theatre in New York City did a staged reading of Carrie Robbins’ THE DEATH & LIFE OF DR. CUTTER on September 14th. I dramaturged DR. CUTTER and am extremely gratified that such a marvelous theatre has chosen to develop it in this way. Brava, Carrie!
  • I was appointed an Adjunct Professor of Theatre at Lehigh University this Fall. I’m teaching a theatre history class which covers the topics of Ritual through the Renaissance.
  • I served on a panel at the ATHE conference in NYC on August 9th entitled  “Guerrilla ‘Turgs: Dramaturgy’s Place in Academia”.
  • During the summer I served as Archival Supervisor of THE LOOP, Gary Garrison’s e-magazine for playwrights. Three marvelous interns who attended my dramaturgy class at Muhlenberg – Louisa Balch, Samantha Sembler, and Justin Schwartz –archived over two years of back issues and are currently working on a Table of Contents to make the articles easier to access by author, topic, and date. Thank you, interns! Please sign up for THE LOOP at thelooponline.net. It’s priceless!
  • Finally, the League of Professional Theatre Women has elected me to its Executive Board in the position of Co-Secretary. I have been working hard this summer with Margery Klain, a veteran producer, to help create a Mentoring Committee. I  look forward to serving the League Members in the coming year.

    Summer 2009


    Anne gave two radio internet interviews on the topic “Healing Through the Arts”. The first was aired on June 11th and she described her healing process during the writing of her play ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT. The program, “Healing the Grieving Heart”, helps people to cope with loss and gain hope and strength for recovery. A transcript of the interview will be posted on our website shortly.

    The second interview was recorded as an evergreen piece on August 31st with host Dewey Davis-Thompson.  It  will air on a Florida radio station in the coming month. Please check the home page of hamiltonlit.com for more information.
    With great anticipation, it looks like we’ll soon see the opening of THE BALLAD OF #49,  George Marcy’s one-man musical play in a cabaret. George performed the role of Bernardo opposite Chita Rivera in the original WEST SIDE STORY, and Anne happily served as “Dramaturg to Mr. Marcy” during the development of this wonderful show.  It will play in New York before Christmas.  Once again, check in to our website for more details.

     Anne has signed on to serve as the Dramaturg for the New Voices festival of new student plays running October 7th through 11th at Muhlenberg College.

    Fran Tarr’s screenplay TOGETHER, about two young girls growing up in the Lodz Ghetto, was read to a nearly-full house at the Atlantic Theater in NYC on August 3rd. Anne has been Ms. Tarr’s dramaturg for years, and is very happy to have assisted her with this vivid and deeply compassionate script.
    Anne has been giving ongoing dramaturgical advice to several new clients across the country on many new scripts this Summer. Thank you all for sharing your work with me.

     It’s time to study up on theatre history. Anne has been named an Adjunct Professor at Lehigh University in Bethlehem. She will teach a class covering theatre history from Ritual through the Renaissance this Fall. There’s nothing like a bit of light summer reading.

    Anne will serve on a panel at the ATHE conference in NYC on August 9th. The panel, entitled  “Guerrilla ‘Turgs: Dramaturgy’s Place in Academia”, will take place from 3:45pm to 5:15pm in the Gilbert Room of the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. There is an entrance fee for the conference.
    This summer Anne has served as Archival Supervisor of THE LOOP, Gary Garrison’s e-magazine for playwrights. Three marvelous interns who attended Anne’s dramaturgy class at Muhlenberg – Louisa Balch, Samantha Sembler, and Justin Schwartz – have archived over two years of back issues and are currently working on a Table of Contents to make the articles easier to access by author, topic, and date. Thank you, interns! Please sign up for THE LOOP at thelooponline.net. It’s priceless.

    Finally, Anne has been working hard this summer to help create a Mentoring Committee for the League of Professional Theatre Women. She looks forward to serving the League Members in the coming year.
    Spring, 2009

    It has been a wonderful Spring - with Anne branching out into many new areas:

    • Teaching the dramaturgy class at Muhlenberg College was a true pleasure. Anne will be on campus again in the Fall in the role of Dramaturg for the New Voices student play festival, taking place in early October.
    • The League of Professional Theatre Women elected her Co-Secretary, and she eagerly looks forward to serving the membership further.
    • She has dramaturged several new plays, and a new musical about Australia in the early 1900's.
    • On June 11th, she was privileged to give an interview on the leading health and wellness radio internet show "Healing the Grieving Heart" on the topic HEALING THROUGH THE ARTS. Click here to download the podcast through the griefblog.com website.Just look under "Radio Show Archives" and click on the MP3 file for June 11, 2009. 
    • Anne continued to develop her play ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT at Julia's Reading Room, a program of the LPTW held at the home of legendary producer Julia Miles. She expanded the play, and received very positive feedback. Julia herself deemed it "producible". While continuing to put the finishing touches on the script, she has been offered a developmental workshop at a prominent theatre in New York City in early 2010.
    • Anne has just penned a short play named AND THEN I WENT INSIDE, which she will submit to the Humana Festival and the LPTW New Play Festival.
    • She has continued to e-publish as a contributor to the Open to Hope Foundation website. Click here for her article on Gerald Schoenfeld (the lead feature in the foundation's June newsletter), and on How Grief Moves Through the Body, which includes a monologue from ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT.
    • Anne continues to be involved with THE LOOP, Gary Garrison's leading e-newsletter for playwrights. THE LOOP has printed her two profiles of Kate Fodor and Sheilah Rae, and she is serving as the Loop Archive Coordinator. Three Muhlenberg students from her class are providing the bulk of the work on the project: Louisa Balch (Class of 2009), and Justin Schwartz and Samantha Sembler (both Class of 2011). Thank you, brave young theatre-makers!
    • The BCWJ's June/July "Page & Stage" column is entitled, "Healing with Playwrighting" and describes Anne's experience of healing during the process of writing and developing ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT. Many thanks to Gary for republishing this article at www.thelooponline.net.
    • And for short and long-term strategic planning, Anne consulted the marvelous Judith Teitelman in Los Angeles. Now she has many more dreams to accomplish. Thank you, Judith!


    Winter, 2009: Anne lecturing at Muhlenberg College

    Anne taught a class in dramaturgy at Muhlenberg College during the Spring semester. She introduced the art form to the curriculum. The writing-intensive course included the history of the field of dramaturgy, approaches to research on classic and new plays, season planning, and studies in the comparisons of various texts. Muhlenberg has been named the #6 undergraduate theatre program in the nation by the PRINCETON REVIEW. Thank you, Muhlenberg, for the opportunity!


    Anne was featured as a "trailblazer" in American dramaturgy by STAGE DIRECTIONS magazine last April. Her fellow theatre artists included Ken Cerniglia of Disney Theatrical Productions, and Carolyn Balducci, book writer, lyricist, professor, and translator of Dovizi's 1513 comedy LA CALANDRA.

    Anne has recently E-published a few articles in ScriptForward!, including:

    "Gerald Schoenfeld 1924-2008: In Memoriam"

    “Mandy Patinkin and The Dance of Life in CSC's THE TEMPEST: A Tribute to the Sublime".

    A New Web Column! Anne has been invited by renowned psychologist, radio host and grief counselor Dr. Heidi Horsley to contribute a column to her Open to Hope Foundation website.  The Foundation's mission is, "to help those who have suffered a loss to cope with their pain and find hope for the future." Anne's first article is entitled, "What Happens When You Lose the Father of Your Heart?". The piece is a memorial to Gerald Schoenfeld, who mentored Anne for nearly twenty years. 

    BUCKS COUNTY WOMEN'S JOURNAL  - Anne has been privileged to publish an article on fellow League member Sheilah Rae. Please click here to read, "Profile of Sheilah Rae - Lyricist/Librettist and Innovator". Read about her experience presenting her musical I MARRIED WYATT EARP at Bristol Riverside Theatre, and in creating the landmark New York Public Library/League of Professional Theatre Women exhibit "Curtain Call: Celebrating a Century of Women Designing for Live Performance" (open from November 2008 until May 2, 2009).

    Anne also published her third "Page and Stage" column in the February/March issue. The article is the final part of a profile on playwright Kate Fodor. Future articles will feature female scriptwriters who live or work in Bucks County, as well as more educational articles on playwrighting. Memoirist and educator Linda C. Wisniewski shares the column as the "Page" in "Page and Stage".

    Anne is privileged to have published an article on Paula Vogel in ROUND UP (Volume VIII), the annual magazine of The League of Professional WomenThe Pulitzer-Prize-winning playwright gave a presentation on her 1994 play DESDEMONA: A PLAY ABOUT A HANDKERCHIEF for the Edith Meiser History Project at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center.  She recently covered a NYPL event about the 1942 Paul Robeson/Uta Hagen OTHELLO, and her article appeared in ROUND UP (VOLUME IX).

    2008 Dramaturgy Highlights...
    Anne recenlty dramaturged STONE DANCER, a new screenplay by legendary Israeli filmmaker Judd Ne'eman and American novelist Wayne Karlin. STONE DANCER, set in the Vietnam War and contemporary Maryland, loosely shares the story of Karlin's just-published novel MARBLE MOUNTAIN. The collaboration with Mr. Ne'eman was truly the chance of a lifetime, which will hopefully be furthered as the film prepares to go into production next year. The introduction to Mr. Ne'eman was made by Anne's former college advisor Janet Burstein (mother of Studio 360's Julie Burstein), whom she chanced to meet in Penn Station some twenty years after graduating.

    Here is what Mr. Ne'eman said about his experience with Anne: " I must tell you that I have not yet received such eye opening and detailed comments like yours. As I now proceed, I find the rewrite so smooth and easy and rewarding when I follow your precise and to the point remarks on almost each and every scene in the script. Your elaborations on scenes, dialogue and film-structure point out to me the strong points as well as the weak sides in character and action building. Your contribution to putting the script on track was highly critical, and I hope very much that when you read the finished draft you’ll see that your effort was worthwhile. " Click here to read the full recommendation.

    Anne continues to work as dramaturg to Fran Tarr, Education Director of the Atlantic Theater, NYC. Fran's new TV Pilot WELCOME TO KATRINALAND features a New Orleans policewoman who rebuilds her community through grass roots efforts. Anne dramaturged the script after a reading at the Atlantic Theatre School this summer. Broadway veteran Billie Allen, a fellow LPTW member, read the featured role of Pansy. Anne also dramaturged Tarr's TOGETHER, a screenplay about two girls growing up in the Lodz Ghetto in Poland during World War II.

    Congratulations! to Randy Hobler, whose new musical BANJO BOY, about the life of composer Meredith Willson received a world premiere production at the Stephen Sondheim Performing Arts Center in Fairfield, Iowa. Hobler chose Anne in February after interviewing several other dramaturgs he found on the LMDA website. After a close and rewarding collaboration lasting four months, BANJO BOY was chosen to premiere at the only American venue to which Mr. Sondheim lends his name in August. It was Mr. Hobler's first attempt to get his show on the boards, and the production received great reviews! 

    Anne continues to work on new TV pilot and film scripts with long-time client Tom Cavanaugh, who lives in Los Angeles. He recently won the Irene Bashore Award for Playwrighting from L.A.'s FirstStage for his one-act play WONDER. Read his acceptance speech here. She is shopping his play play BEHOLD, about the disintegration of a family after its son/brother is killed in a Columbine-like school shooting. 

    THE BALLAD OF #49, a one-man musical play in a cabaret written by George Marcy, will premiere in NYC sometime this September. A Broadway veteran, George performed the role of Bernardo opposite Chita Rivera in the original WEST SIDE STORY. Bob Goldstone is serving as Musical Director and Co-writer. Anne had a marvelous time as dramaturg to Mr. Marcy on this hilarious and touching show.

    PHILLIS: A SLAVE TO POETRY by Cheryl L. Davis is a play about African-American poet Phillis Wheatley, which Anne was privileged to dramaturg in early Summer.

    SAVING THE LIVES OF STRANGERS by Alex Beech, enjoyed an SRO crowd at a recent reading at Primary Stages in NYC. Alex is a fellow Columbia University of the Arts graduate and one of six playwrights in the theatre's Dorothy Strelsin New American Writers Group. 

    Finally, Anne consulted on a new drama by a prominent downtown playwright/screenwriter about the late 1990's clearing out of squatters in Alphabet City by the NYPD under the Giuliani administration. The play dealt with the subjects of child homelessness, trust between different age groups, and the gentrification of the Lower East Side (when it was Losada v. LES).

    Congratulations to our clients...

    Lynn Nottage's LAS MENINAS was published by Dramatists Play Service Inc. Anne dramaturged the play at Crossroads Theatre Company's Genesis Festival before its first professional production at San Jose Rep in California. Congratulations also to Lynn on her 2007 MacArthur Foundation "Genius Award".

    Samuel French has published Andrew Barrett's play CIRCUITRY (formerly titled RAINY DAYS & MONDAYS). Anne served as production dramaturg for RAINY DAYS at the University of Iowa, and it was named one of the best plays written in an American graduate playwrighting program in 2004. A hit at the 2006 New York International Fringe Festival, it was extended in the first annual Encore Series. Anne included CIRCUITRY on the syllabus for the first class in Dramaturgy at Muhlenberg College.

    Leslie Lee's play SUNDOWN NAMES AND NIGHTGONE THINGS has been published in BEST BLACK PLAYS: THE THEODORE WARD PRIZE FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN PLAYWRIGHTING 2002-2003 (Ed. by Chuck Smith, Northwestern University Press, 2007). Anne dramaturged the play while she was working as Mr. Lee's exclusive dramaturg in NYC, and she provided program notes entitled, "Bronzeville, USA" for a reading at the Maverick Theater in NYC in early 2002. Congratulations, Leslie, also for your current production of FIRST BREEZE OF SUMMER as the first presentation in the Signature Theatre's homage to the Negro Ensemble Company.

    Enrique Menendez' short film AboutFace was chosen for the 2007 New York AIDS Film Festival and was one of the first films screened on World AIDS Day on December 1st. Anne served as dramaturg, helping Enrique to turn his poem, "Trigger" into the narrative for the film, and assisting with other artistic decisions, including continuity, image choice, and structural integrity. Other collaborators included Henry B. Lee (Director of Photography/Editor) and DJ/Producer Randy Bettis (Sound Editor).

    Ivan Fuller's drama EATING INTO THE FABRIC was a semi-finalist for last year's Eugene O'Neill Playwrights Conference. Anne was interviewed on South Dakota Public Radio about her direction of the staged reading at Augustana College in Sioux Falls. She also served as dramaturg to Professor Fuller, and he received a 15-minute interview on the play's genesis and development history. In December, 2007 Anne enjoyed great success in a one-week Guest Artist residency at Augustana, where she taught three master classes (Dramaturgy, Playwrighting and Collaboration), and three writers' workshops.

    2007 Highlights...

    In 2007, Anne dramaturged several new scripts in New York City including Dorothy Leeds' one woman show GOOD LESSONS FROM BAD WOMEN; Costume Designer Carrie Robbins' full-length play THE DEATH & LIFE OF DR. CUTTER; and a new translation by Carolyn Balducci of Dovizi's 1513 comedy LA CALANDRA. These three writers are members of the League of Professional Theatre Women. The Naked Stage presented a reading of LA CALANDRA at the Montauk Public Library on February 8, 2008. This classical comedy was even more engaging on the stage than on the page! All three plays are currently seeking production. Please use our contact page for any inquiries.

    Hamilton Dramaturgy: The League of Professional Theatre Women is devoted to promoting visibility and increasing opportunities for women in the professional theatre and has accepted Anne as a full member. Anne's article, "Visiting MRS. PACKARD in Princeton" about a trip to McCarter Theatre, was published in the League's newsletter ROUNDUP (Volume VII). An article on Paula Vogel discussing her 1994 play DESDEMONA: A PLAY ABOUT A HANDKERCHIEF at the NYPL was published in ROUNDUP (Volume VIII). Her article about Milly S. Barranger's lecture on the 1942 Uta Hagen/Paul Robeson OTHELLO, directed by Margaret Webster, will be published in Volume IX.
    Other Successes:

    Tom Cavanaugh's film THE SHIFT (Directed by Chuck Parker) won the Best Short award in the Garden State Film Festival in March, 2007. It was also a finalist for the 2007 Best Short Film Award at the San Fernando Valley International Film Festival. Congratulations once again, Tom!

    Tom was featured in SCRIPT magazine (March/April 2006) as a "Writer You'll Wish You Knew When". Anne was mentioned as Tom's long-time collaborator in the article, along with Bobby Moresco (Producer, CRASH). Tom continues to collaborate as a member of Moresco's development group The Actor's Gym in Los Angeles. 

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